Dragon Ball Super - Ep. 003

I was napping for just 39 years...
Hey, guys! Did you think I was DEAD?! Eheh, no way! I wouldn't die so easily.

It has been almost two months since my last post and I thought that was time for me to come back. The reason I went away for this long period was because I started working and suddenly ran out of time for my projects and this FanSub. Plus, my external disk is damaged and all this time I was trying to fix it. Although, it's not 100% but it can do its work... sort of.

Dragon Ball Super - Ep. 002

Vegeta's eager!
Dragon Ball Super is back again! Yes, it looks like it wasn't a joke. They are really broadcasting a new Dragon Ball series. Still is unbelievable! I'm in a dream...

So recently I got a new job and this takes most of my time. I'm always tired and without much time to be working on my projects. Still, I was working on the karaoke for Dragon Ball Super and this is where I got bad news for all who wanted the Opening and Ending to have a Karaoke.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters - Ep. 021 [Remastered]

"Kyu" or "Mei"?
How are you, guys? This RAW just came out 2 days ago, and I've been busy so only today I got time to work on it. The next episode is going out soon too. Now it will be more difficult for me, because I don't have so much time as before. Regardless, I will post it for sure.

We are half way to the end of this first so-called "season". Or we might call it "Duelist Kingdom" Saga. As always, I will release one episode per week.

Dragon Ball Super - Ep. 001

Dragon Ball is back!
Yesterday, a new jorney started as Dragon ball is back after 18 years! It was a long journey for me to find a Translator, but I finally found one. I know many of you already saw the first episode, but you can rewatch it. I'm very excited for this series!

Tell me how you want me to improve and if you liked the changes. The available subtitles are: English, Portuguese, Brazilian and Spanish.

Dragon Ball Super [HDTV][001-???]

Dragon Ball Super ( ドラゴンボール超スーパー / Doragon Bōru Sūpā) it's being produced after 18 years and is set after the battle against Majin Buu. Akira Toriyama comes back again to write a continuating for our childhood and adulthood heroes!

We give you this series with English, Portuguese, Brazilian and Spanish subtitles! Enjoy this series and don't miss it!

Digimon Tamers - Ep. 20

Believe in it...!
Indaramon returns to annihillate the Chosen Children's Digimon. Will the Hirokazu's Blue Card be useful? I will also try to draw a Blue Card and scan it with my phone! Then, I'll have a Digivice.

Talking about Digivices... On August 1st we celebrate the Digimon's Memorial Day! It will be 1 year since Digimon Adventure tri. was announced.

Dragon Ball Kai 2014 - Ep. 61 (159) - FINAL

Goku makes his departure!
Finally! After all this amazing year I gradually learnt more and more, Dragon Ball Kai is over with its 61st episode or 159th if you count with Frieza and Cell Sagas.

The "Dragon Ball Super" project is still on the loose, I haven't decided yet if it's going to work out fine. But you just have to wait... I really want it to be one of my projects. I have some sources to guide me for. Anyway, even without a proper Japanese Translator or a RAW Provider, I will do this project. If anyone wants to join me when I start it, then you can send me an email. I already have some translators for Spanish and Dutch.

Dragon Ball Kai 2014 - Ep. 60 (158)

The reincarnation of Buu!
Hi, I'm not Goku! And welcome to Dragon Ball Kai! You don't need to wait more!

There were some complications with this episode. First, I begin to sub on Tuesday and sent the english subtitles to my Dutch translator. However, he did not received any subtitles. Just today he sent me an e-mail saying why I hadn't send him the subtitles. Then I sent him the subtitles again, and while he was translation it I already subbed this week and last episode.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters - Ep. 020 [Remastered]

Gate Guardian!
Our King of Games is back! The Tag Duel continues between Yugi and Jounouchi VS. The Labyrinth Brothers. Who's gonna win this Duel? (It's quite obvious though.)

I'm bringing my projects so late because... It's Summer! So this means two things: go outside and hot! Both of them don't let me work... Beside, I don't miss any episode, right? So I guess that's good.

Digimon Tamers - Ep. 19

Summon Flame!
Hi, Digifans! I decided to post this episode on time this week. So you have to wait a moment until I release the other projects. About Digimon Zero Two, I will keep re-uploading one episode per day.

Anyway, I love this episode! Impmon is one of my favorite Digimon. And this is just the beginning... Wait until he becomes a TOTAL badass!

Digimon Tamers - Ep. 18

Your data is beautiful...
Good afternoon, guys! Today is the biggest day of the year, the first day of the Summer! And I'm here... at home... instead of going out... Bah, who cares? Stay in home is nice. Anyway, almost one week late again. Eheheh... I have to stop being fricking lazy.

Let's see if I can post the next episode on time.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters - Ep. 019 [Remastered]

Battle Team!
Time for Duel once again! This time a Tag Duel is about to begin! I've been really lazy recently... Although I didn't forget to post yet and I try not to sleep while doing my work... Oh, well... My slow computer doesn't help either. I almost RAGE QUIT with this bulls*it!!

So I hope you enjoy this new battle against the Pyramid Brothers!

Dragon Ball Kai 2014 - Ep. 59 (157)

The Earth is saved!
Finally, here I am! Are you excited for this episode? Remind that this is not the last episode of Dragon Ball Kai. Still one more to go! Plus, in the end of this episode is a teaser for "Dragon Ball Super".

This long year has been really awesome. I created this FanSub just one year ago and it grew pretty good. I hope it remains always like that with all of your support! Keep comment to improve my own work.

Digimon Tamers - Ep. 17

Use the Blue Card!
Hey, Digifans! Wow, I wanted to post this on day but I ended up posting it almost one week later. Well, it might not happen again... Nope, it will for sure. Even now that my life will change a lot... I will checking in with some news.

Today I will start re-uploading Digimon Zero Two, so who was interested in it you can check the list for some updates.
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